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We stand with Black Lives Matter

We’ve spent the last few days listening, learning, and asking what can we do? What is our role? In doing so, we have looked inward and concluded that the best place to start is within ourselves, our family and our industry. 

Sies Marjan was built on the pillars of community, acceptance, and inclusivity – and continues to oppose any form of racism or inequality – but that is not enough. We will do more and we will be better. 

Today, we are donating to and partnering with, Scope Of Work (SOW), an organization for young creatives of color that aims to establish equity in the creative industry. SOW’s vision is to build a more inclusive creative ecosystem. SOW works to confront cycles of exploitation, the erasure of narratives, and the marginalization of young people of color. The goal is a more inclusive industry that reflects the world we live in, and honors young people as experts of their own experiences and creators of culture.

Through this partnership, we will work to meaningfully engage and invest in SOW’s young creatives.

We pledge to work with diverse creatives and professionals, specifically people of color. We pledge to continue to provide equal opportunities within our hiring and internship programs. We pledge to give our time to foster, champion, and mentor those interested in our industry, but are denied access due to socio-economic and systemic barriers.

Learn more about Statement of Work, and make a donation here.